World within me.

The world may not say a lot about me when I die,
But I won’t go unnoticed while I am alive.

The world may not give a shit about me when I’m alive,
But I won’t ever give up, I’ll always try.

The world may not make it easy for me to try,
But I will do my best, give up all I have to survive.

But to survive I need to know one thing. Just one thing.

The World Within Me.

Identity Crisis


Earrings, Bracelets, A necklace that looked like gold,

She donned her dress and walked out in style,

Glittering from top to bottom, but missing a smile.


In her hand a clutch she did hold,

And put makeup to hide the scars that were seen,

What her glowing face couldn’t hide were the scars deep within.


This was her identity.

She knew her name.

But not who she was.


Take a backseat sometimes,
Let the people do something,
Its fun to see how stuff works,
When you are not doing it.

Take a backseat sometimes,
Let people take a chance,
Its crazy to see them make,
Something different out of it.

Take a backseat sometimes,
Not because you doubt yourself,
But you know that someone else’s,
Life may depend on the outcome of it.


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